Olimpics games 3

1-    How many kilos did Platchkov lift for the World record in weightlifting?
A-  390 kg
B-   445 kg
C-   460 kg

2-    What country is Javier Sotomayor, the high jump champion from?
A-  Spain
B-   Denmark
C-   Cuba

3-    Jan Zelezny, javelin champion, set the world record with a punctuation of…
A-  95.69m
B-   98.48m
C-   103.04m

4-    What was the name of the woman who broke the 200m backstroke record?
A-   Federica Pellegrini.
B-   Kristy Coventry.
C-   Stephanie Rice.

5-    In what styles of swimming did Michael Phelps set the world record?
A-   200m free, 200m medley and 400m medley.
B-   100m relay, 100m backstroke and 100m breaststroke
C-   200m butterfly and 200m medley

6-    In which city did Maurice Greene set the 60m record on track?
A-   Beijing
B-   Madrid
C-   Sydney

7-    In men’s archery, Michelle Frangilli beat his own record, he shot ….
A-   66 arrows.
B-   88 arrows.
C-   72 arrows.

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